Postgraduate Liaison Committee

The PGLC was revitalised in 2017. This important committee acts as a liaison for postgraduate research issues. The committee reports to the joint research committee and is responsible for running the postgraduate conference each year

The primary function of the PGLC is to further postgraduate research interests within the University and represent the postgraduate constituency on the various university governance structures.

The PGLC represents postgraduate students on the following committes:

    Each Faculty Board
    Student Services Council
    Board of Residences
    Naming committee
    Research Committee
    Library Committee
    International Committee

PGLC Constitution 2017

The PGLC executive committee consists of a Chairperson, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Faculty Postgraduate Representatives and up to 5 independent members duly elected by the postgraduate constituency. Independent members may occupy posts relating to, but not limited to, Media, Entertainment, IT, Community Engagement and Conference Organisation. Their term of office runs from January to December each year, with a shadowing period from September to December. Each year there is an election to determine each position.

The PGLC terms of reference can be read here

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