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CPGS collaborative projects

The Centre for Postgraduate Studies works across institutional boundaries with universities around the world.

The Creating Postgraduate Collaborations project is funded by the EU and brings together academics from Belgium, Kenya, Turkey, South Africa and the Netherlands to build research-rich environments for postgraduate students.




The Enhancing Postgraduate Environments project is funded by the EU and offers a wealth of videos and other support materials for postgraduate students and supervisors.



The Strengthening Postgraduate Supervision course has been offered more than 60 times at 20 universities across South Africa.





The “Social Justice & Quality in Higher Education” PhD programme brings together 16 PhD students who are all academics at universities in South Africa to undertake an innovative programme focused on making our universities more socially just.


The "Enabling Quality Postgraduate Education" project, funded by DHET, is a national  collaborative initiative providing the opportunity for sector-wide conversations about enhancing  the quality of postgraduate education, with benefits for all participating institutions  and the sector at large.




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