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"Located in the heart of campus, Courtenay-Latimer Hall is the home of a vibrant group of young women, drawn from a wide range of cultures and backgrounds, who enjoy being completely immersed in campus life. As well as valuing academic excellence, students are encouraged in their all-round involvement in university sports, cultural and social events. Living in Courtenay-Latimer Hall is an experience; one that ensures that one becomes part of a special group of well educated, dynamic, fun loving women" (Tsitsi Mhlanga and Ally Gibson, 2005).

Courtenay-Latimer Dining Hall    

So what's the difference between a Hall and a Residence? A Hall is composed of a group of physically close residences which share a dining hall; there are now twelve such administratively linked Halls on Rhodes Campus. More details about life in res can be found on the individual residence web pages which can be selected from the drop down menu above.

Courtenay-Latimer Hall is made up of three residences and an annexe. The oldest women’s residences on campus, Oriel and Charlotte Maxeke House, were designed by Herbert Baker’s partnership, Baker and Kendall. In May 1915, Oriel House was ready for occupation; in 1921 Jameson House and the first women’s dining hall were in use. The third residence in Courtenay-Latimer Hall, Beit House, built on the site of an earlier Sanatorium, was ready in 1935. Oriel Annexe is a gracious old house dating from 1910, previously occupied by a research unit, and now converted into an annexe to Oriel.

The hall has a warden responsible for the general running and organisation of the hall, and each house has a warden responsible for that house. The hall and house wardens are available to help and advise students. Rules are formulated by the Hall Committee in order to maintain an orderly, peaceful environment for study and community living.

Enquiries about being allocated accommodation in a residence in Courtenay-Latimer Hall should be made to Mrs D. Wicks, e-mail: d.wicks@ru.ac.za

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